Looking forward to 2021

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted you to know how excited I am that you are having registration for RST on January 6! It is wonderful to have the race to look forward to in the spring/summer — though, of course, I had a lot of fun doing the “improvised version” in July! And I think I have recruited a Restonite to join the triathlon—first Tri ever. Let’s hope!

Want you to know I am thinking of you, hoping your holidays were wonderful and peaceful, that you are staying healthy from all this awful Covid, and that I am so appreciative of all the work you do for the triathlons.

And I hope along the way we might have more of the indoor varieties too!I have not been to a pool since February (totally isolated except groceries, gas, P.O.!), so whether indoor or outdoor, it will be a bit of a challenge to get back into swimming shape!

I will have my finger poised over the computer key at 7:30 on January 6 — here’s praying I make it in!!!



One thought on “Looking forward to 2021

  1. Thanks Marilyn for your wonderful email! You made our day. We are so appreciative of your love, support, and continued participation in the RST and CORE events. Looking forward seeing you in 2021!
    Kindest regards,

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