Packet Pickup / Athlete Check-in is at Lake Newport Pool (11601 Lake Newport Road, Reston, VA) on June 2 (5-8 pm) and June 3 (11 am – 4 pm).

Held annually on the first Sunday in June, this year’s 17th annual Reston Sprint Triathlon takes place on Sunday, June 4, 2023, beginning with a 400-meter swim in Lake Newport pool followed by a 12-mile bike ride on the streets of Reston and a 5K run on area pathways. Afterward, celebrate your success and share your stories with friends and family in the post-race beer garden.

Looking for resources? This year the Health & Wellness Fair will be Saturday, June 3, 2023, in the Lake Newport pool parking lot. 



We are excited to host you for a fun weekend of multisport racing. With clean water, rolling courses, and outstanding athletes, this race never disappoints! 

As you prepare for race day, take a moment to review our Athlete Guide and the emails we send. These are all important to have a safe, fun, and successful race! We know you have worked hard to stay healthy and physically fit in the months leading up to this event, and we want you to have a great race. We appreciate you racing with us and hope you achieve your athletic goals. 

As you compete this weekend, remember to thank the police, EMTs, and volunteers who gave up their weekend to support this event. The Reston Sprint Triathlon is a team effort, and we are grateful for all the support! 

We can not wait to see you on the course!


5-8 pm: Packet & Chip Pickup / Athlete Check-in at race site 7-8 pm: Course and Transition review  
11 am-4 pm: Packet & Chip Pickup / Athlete Check-in; Health & Wellness Fair at race site
5 am: Transition area open for bike racking
6 am: Arrive at the race site no later than 6 am!
6:45 am: Transition area closes (no exceptions) / pre-race meeting (swim start)
7 am: Race start 
10:30 am: Awards Ceremony and Beer Garden


What to Bring
2. Questions! 

• Bib numbers are assigned and timing chips are distributed at packet pickup – do not lose
either one!
• Adults: Each adult must pick up their OWN race packet. EACH relay team member must
pick up their OWN race packet.
• Minors: Those under the age of 18 years old may have their parent/guardian pick up their race packet.


• Carpool as much as possible with fellow athletes and spectators.
• Parking is available along North Village Drive, and at Lake Newport Soccer fields and North Point Village Center (1450 N Point Village Center, Reston, VA).
• You may walk or bike to Lake Newport Pool (11601 Lake Newport Road, Reston, VA).
• There is no vehicle access to Lake Newport Pool. All roads in and out of the pool parking lot are closed to traffic. The road leading into the pool is used for the bike and run courses and by emergency vehicles in and out of the race venue.


• Triathletes may enter the transition area from 5 – 6:45 am on race day.
• All bikes must be racked with transition preparation completed 15 minutes before the first swimmer begins.
• There is no overnight racking.
• Only athletes are allowed in the transition area.
• Bike racking is first-come, first-serve by bib number.
• Be courteous of the space and belongings of other racers before, during, and after the race. When your race is over, many others are still racing.
• Athletes are allowed into the transition area to get their bikes and other gear when possible. Be considerate of other racers coming in and out of the transition area.


Each athlete will receive three (3) race numbers.
• Wear the smallest number on the front of the cycling helmet.

• Fold the two numbers together over your bike’s top tube or seat post. It is self-adhesive.
• Wear the number with four holes on the front of your body during the run and when crossing the finish line. Wear it with your racing belt, or we have safety pins.


Each athlete will receive a timing chip at athlete check-in; we highly recommend putting it on immediately.
• Do not lose your timing chip, and return it at the finish line. If you lose or fail to turn in your chip, there is a $20 replacement fee.
• Wear the timing chip on your LEFT ANKLE.
• Timing pads are located throughout the event, be sure to cross them to get splits!
• If you need to stop racing, check in at the finish line to return your timing chip and let our team know.

  1. We are SO excited you are here and want you to enjoy your weekend. Any Captain or Race Director (blue shirt) can answer your questions.
  2. You are responsible for knowing the course and your lap count.
  3. Race numbers are assigned and given to each athlete at packet pickup.
  4. Head lamps or flash lights are strongly encouraged.
  5. Timing chips will be issued when you get your race number. These are expensive and time-consuming to replace, so do not lose it. If you do not have your chip, your race day timing is not available to you.
  6. Body marking will be adjacent to the transition, so have your bib number with you.
  7. Bike racking is first-come, first-serve based on bib number with 8 bikes per rack.
  8. The swim is a time trial start format. Generally, faster athletes are closer to the front.
  9. This course is very spectator friendly! Friends and family should stay clear of areas with heavy athlete traffic.
  10. Post-race food and drinks are available. Bring cash/card for the Beer Garden. Stay, hang out, and celebrate each other and your accomplishments.
  11. Stay safe, have fun, and CONGRATS, you’re a triathlete!

Be sure to get your body marked on race morning.
• We recommend racking your bike first, then circling back with your bib number to the body marking area right outside transition.
• We will put your bib number on your thighs, right below your Tri suit or shorts, and your arm.
• We will put your AGE on your LEFT CALF.


• Reston Sprint Triathlon/Aquabike/Relays Bike: No aid stations on the bike course.
Run: Aid stations with water and Gatorade about every 1 to 1.5 miles on the run course.


• Review the swim course map at
• It is a deep water start.
• We take and post the water temperature a week before the race.
• We take the official water temperature race morning and communicate it one hour before the race starts by USAT officials.
• The swim is a time trial start, one swimmer at a time, every 3-5 seconds.
• Lifeguards will be available throughout the swim for emergency assistance. If you need help, roll on your back (float) and wave your hand to signal for assistance.
• If you do not finish the swim course, tell the staff at the swim exit.


• Review the bike course map at

• Knowing the course is ultimately YOUR responsibility. There is no substitute for driving or riding the bike course before the race.
• All Bikes MUST have end caps. • The course is marked with orange traffic cones. You are required to stay to the right of the cones at all times.
• Police will be at all major intersections for your safety.
• The course is four (4) miles; you will COMPLETE IT THREE (3) TIMES. It is your
responsibility to remember how many times you have done the bike loop. At the end of your third loop, you will enter the same way you came out. It is a sharp 90-degree right turn, then down a hill and a quick dismount.
• The course is still open to traffic, so BE ALERT and CAREFUL!


• MOUNT your bike AFTER you cross the mounting line outside of transition. Likewise,
DISMOUNT your bike BEFORE crossing the line at the end of the bike course.
• You must wear a hard shell helmet and fasten it before mounting your bike outside the transition area. Failure to fasten your helmet results in an automatic DQ.
• Ride in the right half of the lane closest to the shoulder. This position allows faster cyclists to pass on the left. Always say “ON YOUR LEFT” when passing a cyclist.


• Review the run course map at
• The run course is all on the trails of Reston and includes rolling hills.
• Stay on the trails at all times for your safety.
• Aid stations will be when you exit transition, the turn-around point of the 5K, and the finish line with ice water and Gatorade Endurance.
• No headphones, earphones, or any radio-type devices are allowed.
• You MUST have your run bib number on your FRONT as you approach the finish line.
• Return your timing chip at the finish line and then CELEBRATE – YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE!


Results are preliminary and can shift as we approach the awards ceremony. Direct your
questions to the timing team near the finish line. Arsenal Timing provides your timing.

Individual and Aquathlon Registration

$110 Before January 15, 2023

$125 January 16 – March 12, 2023

$135 March 13 – May 14, 2023

$150 May 15 – May 21, 2023

$199 May 22 – May 29, 2023

Registration after April 18 does not guarantee a t-shirt

Registration closes on May 29 at midnight

Sprint Relay Team Registration

$200 Before January 15, 2023

$215 January 16 – March 12, 2023

$230 March 13 – May 14, 2023

$250 May 15 – May 21, 2023

$275 May 22 – May 29, 2023